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Why a garnished basket as a gift? For great lovers of gastronomy, there is no better present than the gourmet selection of a garnished basket.The...
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Why a garnished basket as a gift?

For great lovers of gastronomy, there is no better present than the gourmet selection of a garnished basket.The filled basket is always an excellent idea to give as a present. In addition, there are gourmet boxes for all tastes and for all occasions. However, if you want to focus on original gourmet baskets, consider ordering them from a professional in the field.

On what occasion should you offer a gourmet box or a garnished basket?

If you want to offer thanks to someone, the garnished basket is the ideal gift. In addition, everyone always appreciates local products. What could be more delightful than gourmet baskets full of regional products and French culinary specialties! You can also think of this gift idea for a birthday party or at the end of a school year, for Father's Day or even at Christmas, etc. In fact, gourmet boxes are generally suitable for all parties. You just need to choose the composition carefully.

How to choose a gourmet basket?

To put together a garnished basket, gourmet baskets or gourmet boxes, there are a few steps that you must follow.

Composition: what to put in a garnished basket?

The first step is to inform yourself about the taste of the person for whom the garnished basket is intended. Does she like sweet or rather salty? Does she prefer to eat hot or cold? You must also take into account their culinary habits, the regions that they prefer in particular or the products that the person likes and those that they would like to discover.

How to choose the products that will fill and compose the gourmet basket to offer?

When you have an idea of ​​the tastes of the person who will receive the gourmet basket, you now need to find the right products. A successful garnished basket mixes foods, flavors, shapes and emotions. In addition, artisanal products are always very popular. At, our baskets are mainly made up of artisanal products and French local specialties. If you like foie gras or duck terrine with Sauternes, honey vinegar or salted butter caramels or if you want to discover French specialties like smoked trout butter, Provençal Aïoli or raspberries in wine Gascony, you will find the garnished basket that suits you in our gourmet selection.

How to create astonishment with a garnished basket?

If the gourmet basket contains pleasures for the taste buds, don't forget to put the shapes in it so that the basket can leave a special memory. It will also be a little surprise that will bring even more joy to the recipient. At C'est Cela we pay particular attention to the container. So all our filled baskets are placed in magnificent baskets, suitcases or reusable boxes and packaged with care.

What are the best gourmet baskets and where to find them?

Discover our selections of sweet, aperitif or gourmet garnished baskets. You will find in our selection the one that perfectly meets your expectations. Whether for a gift, for Christmas, for Easter or just to please, we have the ideal basket for every occasion.

If you browse our selection of gourmet boxes, you will find all the gourmet pleasures, whatever your taste and preference