know-how and terroir

Here is the list of some of our partners and suppliers, who make our Gourmet Compositions exceptional products.

Without these hand-picked local producers, we would not be able to produce such good quality products.

Anjou wines

Domaine Bodineau

Since 1850, the family estate has grown over generations. The family estate now has more than 40 hectares, located in the heart of the Coteaux du Layon and operated by Frédéric and Anne-Sophie, brother and sister.


Anjou wines

Domaine la gachère

Family business since 1950, it was in 1999 that twin brothers Alain and Gilles Lemoine took over from their father. The Domaine de la Gachère vineyard now represents 32 hectares on silico-clay soil in Haut Layon. They regularly win medals for their wines, notably Sauvignon as well as Crémant with world medals.



Lisa Baccara

The Lise Baccara house has been offering exceptional cognac and tasty aperitifs based on cognac, natural fruits and plants for over 30 years. Gérard Paignon, founding winegrower of the brand and master liquorist, invites you to discover a unique universe that is both gourmet and refined.


Sparkling Wines

Widow Amiot

It was in 1884 that Elisa Amiot, widowed for 2 years, took control of her destiny and founded her own house of fine bubbles, determined to conquer the world. Maison Veuve Amiot now controls the entire production process using the traditional Champenoise method. Their cellars represent almost 30 km of underground space, making them one of the most important cellars in Saumur.


Champagne House

Joseph Perrier

The House was founded in 1825, under the leadership of a founding father-son duo, François-Alexandre and Joseph Perrier. Since then, the house has passed from father to son or cousin for six generations. Presided over today by Jean-Claude Fourmon, descendant of Joseph Perrier, the house continues to transmit its quest for excellence through its fine and harmonious Champagne wines.


Champagne House


Founded in 1868 from the union of a cooper (Victor Canard) and a winemaker (Léonie Duchêne), Maison Canard-Duchêne combines authenticity and originality by offering champagnes that combine fruit, intensity and complexity thanks to its emblematic Pinot Noir. Canard-Duchêne became an internationally renowned champagne, even entering the very closed circle of the court of Tsar Nicholas II. It is today known to be among the best Champagnes in the world.


Périgord specialties

La Campagnoise

Created in 1970, the grandparents sold their fresh geese at the market in Brive, in Corrèze. From there begins the adventure of La Campagnoise. Taken over as a family business, it now specializes in producing delicious duck products. Ready meals, terrines, Foie Gras of course, are the company's flagship products, always with quality and Périgord know-how.


Foie gras

Maison Grolière

Founded in 1960 by Jeanne Grolière, the Périgourdine family canning business specializes in the manufacture of quality Foie Gras. Today managed by his two sons, Jean-Marc and Jacques, proud of a track record of more than 49 medals received only at the famous Concours Général Agricole de Paris.


canned cold meats

Traditions of the Ardennes

Traditions des Ardennes is located between Reims and Charleville-Mézières. Located in the heart of the Ardennes, it is the new benchmark for innovative charcuterie products. Specializing in canned charcuterie, they have 5 emblematic recipes from their region.


Catering cannery

Erisay jars

Les bocaux d'Erisay is a family business which produces artisanal specialties in Normandy. Firstly caterers specializing in receptions, they are launching a range of canned goods during the pandemic. With their many years of experience in catering, the Erisay couple share their know-how in their glass jars.


Vegetable spreads

Emile’s Workshop

Farmers since 1864, L'atelier d'Émile is an artisanal and family business which offers healthy and delicious recipes, certified organic (AB) and Origin France, without additives or preservatives. All stages of production (planting, crop monitoring, harvesting, cooking and jarring) are carried out by them on the farm.


Provencal Dried Fruits

bedouin Provence

Founded in 1833, Bedouin Provence is the simple and authentic story of a family business, a former almond breakage located in Provence, which has existed for more than two centuries. Bedouin Provence first masters the almond in all its forms, perpetuating traditional know-how from one generation to the next. All their products are packaged in their workshops in Provence.




Established in Center Val de Loire, Cocoripop is an artisanal and organic confectionery.
True confectioner's know-how, balanced recipes, noble ingredients without artificial coloring, without artificial flavoring and 100% organic. A confectionery in tune with its times, healthy, pop and delicious!


artisanal apple juice

The lime orchards

Created in 2001, the family farm is located in Deux-Sèvres (79). They make pure juices in an artisanal way, all without alcohol, without added sugars, without colorings and without additives. This producer close to us and rewarded many times, was obvious.


Juices and Nectars

Patrick Font - Emile Vergeois

30 years ago, Patrick Font developed the cultivation of apples and cherries which thrive on their hillsides. He then sold the production on the markets. In 1991, he decided to set up a workshop, and two years later, produced high-end fruit juice packaged in 33 cl bottles. Today, 18 people are employed, the company exports all over the world.


Saffron & Jams

The Saffron of the Chair

Eager to innovate in the agricultural field, Guy & Collette created Safran de la Chaise, a family agricultural business in 2009. They themselves transformed their production into jams, jellies, syrups and condiments. They offer their gourmet products at numerous fairs and events all year round.


Products around honey


Apisphère is the story of two young people, Matéo and Théo, passionate about good products and their region. Founders of the brand, their wish is to rediscover high quality and high-end products from the hive. Made in France manufacturers of unique and gourmet products, they now offer a range based on honey only from Périgord.


Chocolatier and Pastry Chef


The Cathala house is attached to the principles of work well done, “the old-fashioned way”. Precision is at the heart of their practice. Laurent Cathala, an artisan chocolatier with several experiences in high-end chocolate making, and across the world (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Scotland and Switzerland where he lived) settled in Niort with his wife Brlandine in 2005, where they continue to reinvent themselves and share their know-how.



Michael Huvelin

Son and grandson of pastry chefs, Michel Huvelin, creator of the brand, has had his hands in chocolate for over forty years. In 2003, Huvelin obtained a blue ribbon, a prize of choice in the sweet professions. Now taken over by one of the employees, the range includes around fifty different chocolates, ganaches and pralines, not counting mogettes or the famous candied angelica from the Marais Poitevin.


Biscuit maker

Marguerite in Burgundy

Based in the south of Burgundy, Marguerite en Bourgogne produces organic sweet biscuits and aperitifs using mainly French ingredients in an artisanal and responsible manner. In particular wheat, grown and transformed into flour 15 km from the workshop. Since 2018, Marguerite en Bourgogne has been composing simple and delicious recipes, rich in good ingredients.


Cookie makers

Mumu's biscuits

Located in Provence in the Cévennes, Les Biscuits de Mumu wants to discover or rediscover the authentic flavor of yesteryear's biscuits, handmade through their artisanal manufacturing. Rewarded on numerous occasions, the couple proudly displays several awards obtained brilliantly.
They have now opened a tea room, where they offer their specialties.


Canned fruit

Gascony orchards

Created in 1946, the artisanal fruit and vegetable cannery Vergers de Gascogne set up in Gers, in Gascogne. Specialist in the processing of fruits and vegetables, their products are used by the biggest brands and many starred chefs. The main qualities of their manufacturing are: the selection of their raw materials, the always artisanal manufacturing, as well as the care taken in the design of their products.


Fine Desserts

Glosek Gourmet

In 1998, Michel Glosek brought his new project to life, Glosek Gourmet. The artisanal company then explores a small niche: combining tradition and innovation. It is today as he imagined it: family and friendly, A dynamic company whose management is now ensured by his wife Sandrine, who quite naturally took up the torch upon his death in October 2021, proudly defending the values dear to Michel.