French gastronomy

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Founded in May 2020, our brand wishes to highlight the tradition as well as the French specialties, which gave birth to this famous gastronomy now known throughout the world.

Our Terroir is full of recipes, dishes, know-how and stories, which have helped build this reputation. We take care to protect it, but also to modernize it.

C'est Cela C'est Cela


create the event

Our desire, through the promotion of the French art of living, comes down to sharing, to the creation of events around good products steeped in history. From there, came the Gourmet Gift…

C'est Cela C'est Cela



Whether to offer or treat yourself, it was obvious.
Each of our compositions is unique, with a theme, a personality... Like a bouquet, but delicious.

Our history

Présentation d'un panier par le gérant


The beginnings

Gregor Lajotte, a fan of French gastronomy, founded the brand and launched the offer during the Covid period. Exclusively on the Internet, we initially offer 6 typical and traditional Gourmet Baskets. Around ten are added for events such as Christmas,...

C'est Cela



The business is evolving. We carry out product tastings, and strengthen our offer and the quality of our products with the addition of new producers. We offer over 30 different compositions representing several themes. Our offer for professionals is also...

C'est Cela


New premises

Following a successful Christmas 2022, we are opening our first physical store in early 2023. We are modernizing our offer, while maintaining our authenticity. Many new products and containers have been added to our catalog. The personalization aspect becomes a...

The shop

This is where it happens! We compose, select, taste... Our customer feedback is also very important. Our orders are made in our workshop, adjacent to the store.

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