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Rediscover traditional French gastronomy.
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C'est Cela - “Gourmet Baskets” range

At C'est Cela, regional authenticity comes to life. Our baskets are overflowing with regional products, with tasty starters, delicious main courses, exquisite desserts and a selection of wines from all over France. Everything is presented in elegant gift boxes or garnished baskets. Offer a true gastronomic experience!

The meticulous choice of regional products
We travel through the regions of France to carefully select quality regional products, emblematic starters, traditional dishes, artisanal desserts and a variety of wines to create garnished baskets that celebrate the richness of French cuisine.

A gift that awakens the senses at first glance
We firmly believe that the gastronomic experience begins with the sight. This is why our team creates unique, colorful and elegant gourmet boxes throughout the year to enhance our selection of regional products.

Our Gourmet Baskets are then carefully wrapped in outer packaging, making them ready to be offered on any occasion, for the pleasure of the eyes and taste buds.

Whether for Christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, retirement or simply to please, our gourmet baskets, composed of starters, main courses , desserts and regional wines, are the ideal gift to discover the authentic flavors of France.

Have a good tasting at C'est Cela!

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