What to put in a Gourmet Basket?

Create the perfect gourmet basket with C'est Cela - French and artisanal products to awaken your taste buds: Would you like to offer or treat...
Quoi mettre dans un Panier Gourmand ?

Create the perfect gourmet basket with C'est Cela - French and artisanal products to awaken your taste buds:

Would you like to offer or treat yourself with a gourmet basket filled with delicious French and artisanal products? With C'est Cela your search ends. Discover our exquisite selection of 100% French products, carefully chosen to offer you a unique taste experience. In this article, we reveal the essential ingredients to create a gourmet basket that will delight gastronomy lovers.

1. Local products: Start by selecting local products to give a real regional identity to your basket. Opt for regional specialties such as artisanal jams, terrines, olive oils, honey from local producers, traditional biscuits and fine spices. These authentic products will bring a touch of originality and unique flavors to your basket.

2. Sweet treats: Don't forget to include sweet treats to satisfy even the most gourmand palates. Choose artisanal chocolates, salted butter caramels, fruit jellies, nougats or macaroons. These sweet delights will bring a touch of delicacy and pleasure to your gourmet basket.

3. Delicatessen products: Enrich your basket with high quality delicatessen products. Think onion preserves, flavored mustards, balsamic vinegars, flavored oils, flavored salts and original condiments. These products will bring a refined and subtle note to your dishes and will delight lovers of creative cuisine.

4. Savory specialties: Add savory specialties to your basket for lovers of savory flavors. Opt for meat terrines, rillettes, tapenades, pickles, olives and artisanal chips. These savory delights will take your taste buds on a journey and add a convivial touch to your aperitifs.

5. Artisanal drinks: Complete your basket with French artisanal drinks. Select fine wines, craft beers, pressed fruit juices, natural syrups and flavored infusions. These drinks will perfectly accompany the dishes and will bring a note of freshness to the whole.

With C'est Cela, you have all the ingredients to choose an exceptional gourmet basket. Explore our range of 100% French and artisanal products to create the basket that suits you. Treat your loved ones or yourself by offering an authentic gastronomic experience. With our local products, sweet treats, delicatessens, savory specialties and artisanal drinks, your gourmet basket will be a real feast for the senses. Savor every bite and discover the delights of French gastronomy.