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Nos Paniers Gourmands | C'est Cela

Our Gourmet Baskets

Travel across France with our gourmet baskets:

The Basque

Among our selection of gourmet baskets, discover the Basque basket and find all the products and flavors that are the pride of this South West region. This garnished basket is composed, among other things, of old-fashioned fritons, verrine of quail eggs to savor with an artisanal aperitif. A delicious red wine from the Pays d'Oc will accompany the main course consisting of fragrant rice and veal! Leave some room for dessert, as you will be treated to almond pastries and caramel apple sauce.

Le Provençal

Fancy a gourmet break in Provence? Treat yourself to our gourmet basket filled with traditional Provençal specialties! Find in this basket the famous Provençal snail salad or the Provençal tagliatelle. If you have a particular preference for good meat, you will certainly be delighted to taste the bull gardianne. As for drinks, you won't be disappointed with the delicious "Côtes de Provence Rosé" to enjoy as an aperitif or the pure Victoria pineapple juice which garnish this basket.


Treat yourself to our gourmet basket filled with Sète specialties traditional if you fancy Mediterranean flavours. Our gourmet basket The Sétois basket will satisfy you with its seafood. Sète stuffed mussels of 650 g, authentic dish from the Sète region. Accompany all this with a delicious white wine! The vodka-refreshed mandarins will definitely help you digest this gourmet feast.

The Celebration: a basket for the holidays!

Fancy a gift to please someone close to you for a birthday party or for Christmas? This more than gourmet party basket will allow you to create the event around our best products! Almost all the regions of France have their representatives there. Get ready for a very hearty Christmas meal, because the list of the products contained in this gift basket is very long.

Besides the essential foie gras and its variants, find in this The Celebration box, Provencal tagliatelle to enjoy with champagne, Cahors red wine or even strawberry nectar. For a gourmet dessert, you will be treated to crêpes Suzette with Armagnac, salted butter caramel and Périgord honey or even black cherries refreshed with Cointreau.

Gourmet baskets for all tastes!

Since the theme was about a culinary journey through France , the selection of gourmet baskets mentioned above are just a few of the brand's flagship products. C'est Cela offers you a long list of gourmet baskets in different themes.

Those who have a weakness for hearty meals will surely appreciate the "festive gourmet" basket or the "gourmet" basket. For a country atmosphere, we recommend the "countryside" or "terroir" garnished basket. If you are nostalgic by nature, opt for our gourmet basket the "tradition of yesteryear".

The enchaud, the hen in the pot and the forester, are other gourmet baskets which will not fail to surprise you both by the variety of products they contain only by their flavors!

Why opt for the gourmet baskets That's it?

In respecting the spirit of C'est Cela, we select our products with care for our filled baskets The products that fill our baskets are essentially French and made in the traditional way.

Your orders are processed as soon as possible and the delivery of packages is done with care by our dispatch team!

And icing on the cake, each of our gourmet baskets is wrapped as a gift and includes a menu, with stories and anecdotes about the products.

For more information , we invite you to send an e-mail to the following address: You can also call us at 05 49 65 66 28 or write to us at 2, rue centrale Voulmentin 79150 France.


Discover or rediscover the richness of French gastronomy and terroir thanks to our Gourmet Baskets inspired by regional specialties. From Basque Country to Provence via Périgord, with our more than Gourmet Baskets, take advantage ofa real culinary journey to enjoy alone or to share with your loved ones as a gift!

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