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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dear Mom? Don't worry, the Gourmet Gift is always a pleasure!

At C'est Cela, we have selected the best of our products for this celebration that we cherish so much. And we have concocted, for you, the best gourmet compositions to offer!

You just need to find the theme or products that she likes, and we guarantee you a gourmet gift that will allow her to have a delicious moment thinking of you with our delicious quality products.

What gourmet basket to give?
Mother's Day, an ideal opportunity to remind your Mom how much you love her. For this special day, the gourmet basket remains an excellent way to show our love. In addition, there are special Mother's Day boxes to guarantee complete satisfaction for Mom.

The garnished basket, an excellent gift idea
You can very well please your Mom with a garnished basket or a gourmet box for Mother's Day. Indeed, it remains an excellent gift idea since Mom also has the right to enjoy moments of indulgence. Gourmet Gifts always pleases, at any age, and what’s more, they deserve it. Is not it ? So take advantage, she will think of you while tasting these delicious products.

And to complete his happiness, you can add a little note to tell him what is in your heart. It is obvious that your mother will not fail to appreciate such a gift.

How to choose a gourmet basket for Mom?
So, for her birthday, you want to please your mother with a gourmet gift, but you don't know which one to choose? However, it’s very simple since you just need to bet on products that she likes. As we are talking about your Mom here, it is certain that you have an idea of ​​her tastes. Some like rather salty foods and others prefer small sweets. Whether it's an aperitif, sweets or even more gourmet products accompanied by Champagne for example, don't hesitate to talk to him about it if you don't want to make a surprise.

Whatever it is, it is also important to choose a gourmet basket that fits your budget. It is possible that you have already clearly defined the amount to spend for the purchase of the surprise basket.

Gourmet baskets that you can choose from at C’est Cela
Whatever your mother’s tastes, you will find the ideal gourmet gift at C’est Cela. Mother's Day is an important time of sharing for us. We have therefore pulled out all the stops with a whole assortment and compositions that will delight mothers, we are sure of it. So, all you have to do is choose from our 6 special gift baskets for Mom. In addition, the products you will find there are 100% French (coming from French producers), and artisanal. Here are some examples.

Le Douceur Rose
For this basket, we wanted something beautiful, light, sweet and at a low price. This is a basket filled with sweets, starting with artisanal marshmallows, strawberry & vanilla from a caterer in Normandy. Then, strawberry pucks also from an artisan biscuit maker in the Cévennes. All accompanied by Périgord flower honey and a candied rose petal. And to finish, a delicious artisanal fig aperitif, sweet and fruity (Drink well chilled).

Le Champêtre
You can also offer him Le Champêtre. The basket is very pretty, in wrought iron style metal, accompanied by a fabric reminiscent of a pretty tablecloth from yesteryear. Its composition is both traditional and original for a quality aperitif. Rosé de Loire AOP, roasted cashews with Cajun spices, with spreads like homemade Pumpkin Chorizo ​​Rillettes, veggies with Garlic & Thyme Jerusalem Artichoke, or even Duck and dried tomatoes. Not to mention salty biscuits with Beer Drèche to top it all off.

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