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Gourmet basket delivery

Fast delivery for your gourmet basket Looking for an excellent gift idea for your company's employees, for your customers, for Mother's Day or other great...

Fast delivery for your gourmet basket

Looking for an excellent gift idea for your company's employees, for your customers, for Mother's Day or other great events ? The gourmet basket remains a very good alternative.

Why are gift baskets and gourmet boxes still so popular as gifts?

Offering a gift basket as a gift for life's big and small events is a gift that never ceases to warm the heart and delight the most gourmet. Thus, whether you are a company or an individual, offering gourmet baskets allows you to enjoy numerous advantages. Indeed, it is the ideal present for employees or for your loved ones for all types of events. In addition, the gourmet boxes are still original gift ideas.

How can you not appreciate the content of gourmet baskets when you know that the products they contain are of high quality and of French origin. Local products from different regions of France (South-West, Provence...). And the best part is that in addition to offering a gift that everyone can appreciate, you can enjoy an affordable price.

The contents of a gourmet box: fresh products from French producers, original and organic products

As we have already mentioned, the gourmet basket contains local products and French producers. It usually contains duck breast, foie gras, terrine, onion confit, wine or champagne. Of course, these are just a few examples since it all depends on the theme you have chosen.

A more concrete example, our “countryside” gourmet basket. The latter consists of artisanal products that come from traditional producers. It consists of a starter of duck terrine with Sauternes and chestnut terrine; a main course with duck confit sausages and organic Provençale ratatouille; a “Gratte-Cul” aperitif with wild rose and 75 cl Cahors red wine and a dessert consisting of Charlotte Rum-Pineapple and caramel apple compote.

Where can I find the best gift basket? A few tips for choosing the right gourmet basket before placing an order

The choice of a gourmet basket depends, first and foremost, on the people for whom the gift is intended. Indeed, if it is a box filled for the employees of a company, then, it is advisable to choose a basket with products easy to drink and eat, to share between colleagues. You can choose a sweet basket with sweet foods like cookies, candies, chocolates, etc.

If it's a gift for Mother's Day, Christmas or other big events, you just need to know the person's taste and choose between sweet and savory baskets. It is also important to think carefully about the quantity according to the number of people who will benefit from it.

Fast delivery for your packed parcels at C’estcela.fr

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