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The gourmet basket to offer

The gourmet basket to offer: as a Christmas box, a business gift or a surprise made up of specialties from the South-West... Why is it so popular?

Many business leaders are now turning to more concrete ways to show respect for their people and customers. And precisely, gourmet baskets are ideal business gifts. Whether it's to motivate employees, or to retain customers, it's a great way. Looking for an original idea to celebrate the success of your business? Looking for the perfect gift for your co-workers? Discover the gourmet basket to offer with C'est Cela!

How is a gift basket or surprise box made up?

A gourmet basket can also be called a "garnished basket" or a "gourmet box". As its name suggests, it is a gift to offer which is simply made up of delicacies of all kinds. The choice of capacity varies depending on the type of person you want to reach with the basket. Sweets for young people are not the same for couples and old people.

For a company, these are usually culinary specialties representing a particular country or region (South-West, Provence, Basque Country, etc.). .). The layout and basket also depends on your choices. The gourmet baskets are made to order, so the buyer has the choice of shape, color, material and container.

What does a gourmet basket contain? Salty or sweet composition for this original package?

As we said, the choice of the gourmet basket depends on the occasion, the recipients and the message you want to convey. In any case, the gourmet gift box contains either food or drinks and culinary preparations...

Savory preparations such as: duck foie gras, charcuterie, cheese, pâté, terrine, spices, mustard, mayonnaise, onion confit, sauce, oils, pasta, vinegars, canned vegetables, ready meals, duck confit, dried mushrooms, caviar, assorted meats, gingerbread, local products...

Sweet preparations such as: jams, ice cream, chocolate, sweets, fruit coulis, honey, spreads, truffles, fruits, cakes, pastries, confectionery, pastries, etc.

Various drinks such as: wine, tea, syrups, coffee, liqueurs, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, champagne, regional aperitifs, etc…

Lovers of French gastronomy and terroir will inevitably find what they are looking for in these Discovery Boxes containing culinary specialties from our regions. The price of a gourmet basket varies according to the things it contains. Whatever your budget, at C'est Cela we have the gift basket that will please.

When are the best times to give a gift basket or a gift basket?

Gourmet gift baskets are suitable for all the major occasions of a company: success of a project, end-of-year party, farewell drink retirement, promotion of an employee, etc. For a company manager, offering gift baskets earns the trust of customers and workers alike.

The gourmet basket can also be a special gift for weddings, baptisms, births, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter. Likewise, it's a suitable gift to show love on Father's Day, Mother's Day, Grandma's and Grandpa's Day, and even the New Year.

The gourmet gift box to offer is suitable for all special occasions A gift basket turns out to be an elegant gift, suitable for all ages and all categories of people. For every recipient you care about, you can order the perfect gift basket.

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